Towards self-optimizing and self-adaptive milling processes

Rubio, Luis and Longstaff, Andrew and Fletcher, Simon and Myers, Alan (2013) Towards self-optimizing and self-adaptive milling processes. In: Lamdamap 10th International Conference, 2013-03-20 - 2014-03-21, Chicheley Hall.

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This paper presents a novel control architecture system which is composed of a multi-objective cost function which Pareto optimises the programming of cutting parameters while adapting the milling process to new cutting conditions if new constraints appear. The paper combines a self-optimised module which looks for and finds Pareto optimal cutting parameters according to multi-objective purposes and, a multi-estimation adaptive control module which keeps the cutting forces under prescribed upper safety limits independently of programmed cutting conditions and material properties while maintaining the performance of the process. A supervised controller acts as decision support-software to automatically switch to best performance tracking adaptive controller among those available at each required time.