Selection of mill cutter and cutting parameters through an expert system

Rubio, Luis and De la Sen, Manuel; Elleithy, Khaled and Sobh, Tarek and Mahmood, Ausif and Iskander, Magued and Karim, Mohammad, eds. (2006) Selection of mill cutter and cutting parameters through an expert system. In: Advances in Computer, Information and Systems Sciences and Engineering. Springer, USA, pp. 5-12. ISBN 9781402052606

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This paper discusses the selection of tools in milling operations. An expert system hinged on numerical methods has been developed to carry out this research. The knowledge base is given by limitations in process variables, which let us define the allowable cutting parameter space. The mentioned process variables cause instabilities due to tool-work-piece interaction, knowing as chatter vibration, and the power available in the spindle motor. Then, a tool cost model is contrived. It is used to choose the suitable cutting tool, among a known set of candidate available cutters. Once the cutting tool is selected, the cutting parameters are calculated. For this purpose, other two cost functions are designed, which are depended on the time and frequency domains response properties. An example is presented to illustrate the method.