Photon kinetic description of 1D relativistic EM pulse solitons

Trines, R.M.G.M. and Bingham, Robert and Mori, W.B. and Silva, L.O. (2003) Photon kinetic description of 1D relativistic EM pulse solitons. In: American Physical Society, 45th Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics, 2003-10-27 - 2003-10-31, New Mexico.

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Photon kinetics provides a novel formalism to describe intense EM fields-plasma interactions, where the EM fields are described as a collection of quasi-particles (photons). Photon kinetics provides a better physical picture of the EM fields dynamics, is computionally less demanding, and allows for an easy description of broadband incoherent light pulses. We have developed a 1D photon kinetic code, where photons are coupled to a fluid plasma model, as the first step towards a fully kinetic photon-plasma code. We describe the photon kinetic evolution (in the photon phase space (k,x)) of ultra-intense short pulses in underdense plasmas. We examine the role of photon acceleration/deceleration in the formation of photon bubbles and 1D relativistic solitions. Comparison of the photon kinetic results with analytical results (Kaw, Sen, Katsouleas, PRL, v.68, 3172 (1992)), will also be presented