Inflatable structures for Mars Base 10

Sinn, Thomas and Doule, Ondrej (2012) Inflatable structures for Mars Base 10. In: 42nd International Conference on Environmental Systems, ICES 2012, 2012-07-15 - 2012-07-19, California.

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    A permanent manned settlement on the Martian surface requires the use of advanced technology concepts in order to become technically and financially feasible. The former developed Mars Base 10 concept incorporates novel ideas, increasing the feasibility of a continous human base on Mars. The most advanced feature of the MB10 design is the concept of increasing the habitable space of the Mars base once landed with an inflatable torus like structure. This paper gives an overview on the MB10 design and has its primary focus on the deployment of the inflatable structure. The deployment simulations show the final inflated shape of the MB10 concept on Mars from an un-inflated initial shape on Earth. The deployment strategy, simulations and rigidization techniques are discussed to provide a conceptual solution for large inflatable components of the MB10 habitat. Further applications of secondary inflatable smart structures are presented as well. These secondary structures are self deploying at the Martian ambient pressure which results in low storage volume and mass. These structures are well-suited to carry on for astronauts on EVAs for example.