Practising knowledge workers : perspectives of an artist and economist - professional insights

Nicolopoulou, Katerina and Karatas-Ozkan, Mine (2007) Practising knowledge workers : perspectives of an artist and economist - professional insights. Equal Opportunities International, 26 (8). pp. 872-878. (

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The paper aims to generate insights into practitioners’ understanding of global knowledge work/workers by exploring the perspectives of an artist and economist. Semi-structured interviews with the two participants were conducted; and the interview material was transcribed and analyzed. Global knowledge work is a multifaceted concept; it can exist in different fields, including art, technology and social sciences. Global knowledge work is about knowledge that is acquired, accumulated, shared and enriched through relocation, travel or integration into networks. Global knowledge workers are equipped with some form of specialized knowledge, skills set and different communication strategies. Their motivation varies from intellectual curiosity, financial and career benefits, personal reasons to seek a life in another country to the prestige of global knowledge work. Diversity is a defining attribute of global knowledge work. Diverse backgrounds, expertise and viewpoints of global knowledge workers are becoming an increasingly significant asset for organizations. This has implications in terms of developing effective diversity management strategies in global and knowledge-intensive organizations, such as universities. The paper draws on two interviews with practising global knowledge workers, in the fields of art and economy. Useful insights are generated for practitioners in all fields, combining interesting perspectives on global knowledge work and its future value


Nicolopoulou, Katerina ORCID logoORCID: and Karatas-Ozkan, Mine;