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Dynamics of electron holes in an electron–oxygen-ion plasma

Eliasson, Bengt and Shukla, Padma (2004) Dynamics of electron holes in an electron–oxygen-ion plasma. Physical Review Letters, 93 (4). ISSN 0031-9007

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The dynamics of electron holes (EHs) in an electron–oxygen-ion plasma is studied by means of Vlasov simulations. It is found that EHs are attracted by ion density maxima but repelled by ion density minima. Standing EHs repel ions owing to the positive EH potential, creating an ion density cavity which ejects the EH, which propagates away from the cavity with a constant speed. On the other hand, propagating EHs can be trapped at ion density maxima. The results of our simulations will help in understanding the nonlinear dynamics of EHs in space and laboratory plasmas.