Inside the World of Comic Books

Klaehn, Jeffery, ed. (2007) Inside the World of Comic Books. Montreal: Black Rose. ISBN 9781551642963

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With the popularity of comic book properties at an all-time high, the time is right for a collection of essays and original interviews devoted to all things 'comic book.' As well as essays on contemporary issues and trends associated with comic books and comic book culture, this diverse collection also features original interviews with top comic industry professionals. From visionary writers and artists, to award-winning editors and publishers, interviewees include: Joe Casey, Matt Fraction, Bob Layton, Eric Searleman, Steve Niles, Scott Allie, Chris Warner, Steve Englehart, Mike W. Barr, Norm Breyfogle, Victor Lucas, Tommy Tallarico, Garth Ennis, and Joe Quesada.