Characterization of the blue emission of Tm/Er co-implanted GaN

Roqan, Iman and Trager-Cowan, Carol and Hourahine, Ben and Lorenz, Katharina and Nogales, Emilio and O'Donnell, Kevin P. and Martin, Robert W. and Alves, Eduardo and Ruffenach, S. and Briot, Olivier; Kuball, M. and Mukai, T. and Myers, T.H. and Redwing, J.M., eds. (2006) Characterization of the blue emission of Tm/Er co-implanted GaN. In: GaN, AIN, InN and Related Materials. Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings . Materials Research Society, USA, pp. 599-604. ISBN 9781558998469 (

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Comparative studies have been carried out on the cathodoluminescence (CL) and photoluminescence (PL) properties of GaN implanted with Tin and GaN co-implanted with Tin and a low concentration of Er. Room temperature CL spectra were acquired in an electron probe microanalyser to investigate the rare earth emission. The room temperature CL intensity exhibits a strong dependence on the annealing temperature of the implanted samples. The results of CL temperature dependence are reported for blue emission (similar to 477 nm) which is due to intra 4f-shell electron transitions ((1)G(4)-> H-3(6)) associated with Tm3+ ions. The 477 nm blue CL emission is enhanced strongly as the annealing temperature increases up to 1200 degrees C. Blue PL emission has also been observed from the sample annealed at 1200 degrees C. To our knowledge, this is the first observation of blue PL emission from Tin implanted GaN samples. Intra-4f transitions from the D-1(2) level (similar to 465 nm emission lines) of Tm3+ ions in GaN have been observed in GaN:Tm films at temperatures between 20-200 K. We will discuss the temperature dependent Tm3+ emission in both GaN:Tm,Er and GaN:Tm samples.


Roqan, Iman, Trager-Cowan, Carol ORCID logoORCID:, Hourahine, Ben ORCID logoORCID:, Lorenz, Katharina, Nogales, Emilio, O'Donnell, Kevin P., Martin, Robert W., Alves, Eduardo, Ruffenach, S. and Briot, Olivier; Kuball, M., Mukai, T., Myers, T.H. and Redwing, J.M.