Paraunitary oversampled filter bank design for channel coding

Weiss, S. and Redif, S. and Cooper, Tom and Liu, C. and Baxter, P. and McWhirter, J.G. (2006) Paraunitary oversampled filter bank design for channel coding. EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2006. pp. 1-10. 31346. ISSN 1110-8657

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    Oversampled filter banks (OSFBs) have been considered for channel coding, since their redundancy can be utilised to permit the detection and correction of channel errors. In this paper, we propose an OSFB-based channel coder for a correlated additive Gaussian noise channel, of which the noise covariance matrix is assumed to be known. Based on a suitable factorisation of this matrix, we develop a design for the decoder's synthesis filter bank in order to minimise the noise power in the decoded signal, subject to admitting perfect reconstruction through paraunitarity of the filter bank. We demonstrate that this approach can lead to a significant reduction of the noise interference by exploiting both the correlation of the channel and the redundancy of the filter banks. Simulation results providing some insight into these mechanisms are provided.

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