A universal quantum estimator

Kwek, L C and Choo, K W and Du, J F and Ekert, A K and Alves, C M and Horodecki, M and Horodecki, P and Kaszlikowski, D and Nazimudeen, N and Oh, C H and Oi, D K L (2005) A universal quantum estimator. International Journal of Quantum Information, 3. pp. 123-132.

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    Almost all computational tasks in the modem computer can be designed from basic building blocks. These building blocks provide a powerful and efficient language for describing algorithms. In quantum computers, the basic building blocks are the quantum gates. In this tutorial, we will look at quantum gates that act on one and two qubits and briefly discuss how these gates can be used in quantum networks.

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    Kwek, L C, Choo, K W, Du, J F, Ekert, A K, Alves, C M, Horodecki, M, Horodecki, P, Kaszlikowski, D, Nazimudeen, N, Oh, C H and Oi, D K L ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0965-9509;