Active matrix OLED using 150ºC a-Si TFT backplane built on flexible plastic substrate

Sarma, K. R. and Chanley, C. and Dodd, S. and Roush, J. and Schmidt, J. and Srdanov, G. and Stevenson, M. and Wessel, R. and Innocenzo, J. and Yu, G. and O'Regan, M. and MacDonald, W. A. and Eveson, R. and Long, K. and Gleskova, H. and Wagner, Sigurd and Sturm, J. C.; Hopper, D. G., ed. (2003) Active matrix OLED using 150ºC a-Si TFT backplane built on flexible plastic substrate. In: Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. Proceedings of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE), 5080 . SPIE, USA, pp. 180-191. ISBN 0819449393

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Flexible displays fabricated using plastic substrates have a potential for being very thin, light weight, highly rugged with greatly minimized propensity for breakage, roll-to-roll manufacturing and lower cost. The emerging OLED display media offers the advantage of being a solid state and rugged structure for flexible displays in addition to the many potential advantages of an AM OLED over the currently dominant AM LCD. The current high level of interest in flexible displays is facilitating the development of the required enabling technologies which include development of plastic substrates, low temperature active matrix device and backplane fabrication, and display packaging. In the following we will first discuss our development efforts in the PEN based plastic substrates, active matrix backplane technology, low temperature (150°C) a-Si TFT devices and an AM OLED test chip used for evaluating various candidate designs. We will then describe the design, fabrication and successful evaluation and demonstration of a 64×64 pixel AM OLED test display using a-Si TFT backplane fabricated at 150°C on the flexible plastic substrate.


Sarma, K. R., Chanley, C., Dodd, S., Roush, J., Schmidt, J., Srdanov, G., Stevenson, M., Wessel, R., Innocenzo, J., Yu, G., O'Regan, M., MacDonald, W. A., Eveson, R., Long, K., Gleskova, H. ORCID logoORCID:, Wagner, Sigurd and Sturm, J. C.; Hopper, D. G.