Three-dimensional electronic surfaces

Sturm, J. C. and Hsu, P. I. and Miller, S. and Gleskova, H. and Darhuber, A. and Huang, M. and Wagner, S. and Troian, S. and Suo, Z.; Karim, A. and Merhari, L. and Norris, D. J. and Rogers, J. A. and Xia, Y., eds. (2001) Three-dimensional electronic surfaces. In: Nonlithographic and lithographic methods for nanofabrication – from ultralarge-scale integration to photonics to molecular electronics. MRS Symposium Proceedings, 636 . Materials Research Society, USA, D11.4.1-D11.4.12.

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This chapter looks at three-dimensional electronic surfaces


Sturm, J. C., Hsu, P. I., Miller, S., Gleskova, H. ORCID logoORCID:, Darhuber, A., Huang, M., Wagner, S., Troian, S. and Suo, Z.; Karim, A., Merhari, L., Norris, D. J., Rogers, J. A. and Xia, Y.