On the stability of approximate displaced lunar orbits

Simo, Jules and McInnes, Colin; Mortari, D. and Starchville, T.F. and Trask, A.J. and Miller, J.K., eds. (2010) On the stability of approximate displaced lunar orbits. In: Spaceflight mechanics 2010. Advances in the Astronautical Sciences . Univelt Inc, USA, pp. 1229-1238. ISBN 9780877035602


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    In a prior study, a methodology was developed for computing approximate large displaced orbits in the Earth-Moon circular restricted three-body problem (CRTBP) by the Moon-Sail two-body problem. It was found that far from the L(1) and L(2) points, the approximate two-body analysis for large accelerations matches well with the dynamics of displaced orbits in relation to the three-body problem. In the present study, the linear stability characteristics of the families of approximate periodic orbits are investigated.