Colour displays for categorical images

Glasbey, C.A. and van der Heijden, Gerie and Toh, Vivian F.K. and Gray, Alison (2007) Colour displays for categorical images. Colour Research & Application, 32 (4). pp. 304-309.

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    We propose a method for identifying a set of colours for displaying 2-D and 3-D categorical images when the categories are unordered labels. The principle is to find maximally distinct sets of colours. We either generate colours sequentially, to maximise the dissimilarity or distance between a new colour and the set of colours already chosen, or use a simulated annealing algorithm to find a set of colours of specified size. In both cases, we use a Euclidean metric on the perceptual colour space, CIE-LAB, to specify distances.

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