A SKOS Core approach to implementing an M2M terminology mapping server

Macgregor, George and Joseph, Anu and Nicholson, Dennis; Prasad, A.R.D and Madalli, Devika P., eds. (2007) A SKOS Core approach to implementing an M2M terminology mapping server. In: International Conference on Semantic Web & Digital Libraries (ICSD 2007). Documentation Research & Training Centre, Bangalore, India, pp. 109-120.

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      The proliferation of distributed digital libraries and repositories has increased the need for improved interoperability between terminologies in order to facilitate user access to the discrete heterogeneous digital objects held therein. The emergence of the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) Core is a useful development in this context. In this paper we describe a SKOS Core approach to implementing a web services (i.e. M2M) terminology server employing terminology mapping and using SKOS Core to wrap terminology responses. Aspects advantageous to this approach are explored, as are issues and areas for future research.