The automatic validation tool for PDDL2.1

Howey, R. and Long, D. (2003) The automatic validation tool for PDDL2.1. In: 10th Workshop on Automated Reasoning, 2003-04-15 - 2003-04-16.

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The 3rd International Planning Competition [1] was a great success and a cornerstone to this success was the initial definition of a semantics for the language used in the competition, PDDL2.1. This created a general understanding of the semantics of the domains defined using this language and therefore a general understanding of what constitutes a valid plan. With this consensus on what a valid plan is it was possible to implement an automatic plan validator, VAL. This tool conveys what is a valid plan in PDDL2.1 to anyone developing a planner using this language, as well as providing extra information in a LATEX report featuring graphs of changing numerical values and a Gantt chart (see figure 2).