Fuzzy-model based pH control

Kelkar, Bhooshan and Postlethwaite, Bruce; (1994) Fuzzy-model based pH control. In: Proceedings of the third IEEE conference on fuzzy systems, 1994. IEEE, pp. 661-666. ISBN 0-7803-1896-X (http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/FUZZY.1994.343655)

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The inherent nonlinearity of the pH process often renders conventional control difficult. This non-linearity does however suggests that pH control would be a suitable application area for a fuzzy control system, whose ability to handle non-linearities is well known. Many fuzzy controllers are of the rule based type where the controllers output response is described by a series of control rules. However, the controller described in this paper is of a fuzzy-model based type which means that a fuzzy model of the process itself is embedded into the predictive control structure. Current work presents the performance of a fuzzy-model based pH controller for a strong base-weak acid neutralisation carried out in a constant volume CSTR. A study of possible use of clustering techniques is done to define the reference sets. The performance of the fuzzy-model based controller is tested for various set points on the neutralisation curve.


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