Damage detections in nonlinear vibrating thermally loaded plates

Manoach, Emil and Trendafilova, Irina; (2010) Damage detections in nonlinear vibrating thermally loaded plates. In: Materials with complex behaviour. Advanced Structural Materials . Springer-Verlag, Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 193-211. ISBN 9783642126673

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    In this work, geometrically nonlinear vibrations of fully clamped rectangular plates subjected to thermal changesare used to study the sensitivity of some vibration response parameters to the presence of damage and elevated temperature. The geometrically nonlinear version of the Mindlin plate theory is used to model the plate behaviour.Damage is represented as a stiffness reduction in a small area of the plate. The plates are subjected to harmonicloading leading to large amplitude vibrations and temperature changes. The plate vibration response is obtained by a pseudo-load mode superposition method. The main results are focussed on establishing the influence of damage on the vibration response of the heated and the unheated plates and the change in the time-history diagrams and the Poincaré maps caused by damage and elevated temperature. The damage criterion formulated earlier for nonheated plates, based on analyzing the points in the Poincaré sections of the damaged and healthy plate, is modified and tested for the case of plates additionally subjected to elevated temperatures. The importance of taking into account the actual temperature in the process of damage detection is shown.

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