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The Strathprints institutional repository is a digital archive of University of Strathclyde's Open Access research outputs. Strathprints provides access to thousands of Open Access research papers by University of Strathclyde researchers, including by Strathclyde researchers from the Department of Computer & Information Sciences involved in researching exciting new applications for mobile and smartphone technology. But the transformative application of mobile technologies is also the focus of research within disciplines as diverse as Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Biomedical Enginering, among others.

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G F and Libson, A. and Littenberg, T. B. and Lockerbie, N. A. and Lombardi, A. L. and London, L. T. and Lord, J. E. and Lormand, M. and Lough, J. D. and Lück, H. and Lundgren, A. P. and Lynch, R. and Ma, Y. and Machenschalk, B. and Macinnis, M. and Macleod, D. M. and Magaña-Sandoval, F. and Magaña Zertuche, L. and Magee, R. M. and Mandic, V. and Mangano, V. and Mansell, G. L. and Manske, M. and Márka, S. and Márka, Z. and Markosyan, A. S. and Maros, E. and Martin, I. W. and Martynov, D. V. and Mason, K. and Massinger, T. J. and Masso-Reid, M. and Matichard, F. and Matone, L. and Mavalvala, N. and Mazumder, N. and McCarthy, R. and McClelland, D. E. and McCormick, S. and McGuire, S. C. and McIntyre, G. and McIver, J. and McManus, D. J. and McRae, T. and McWilliams, S. T. and Meacher, D. and Meadors, G. D. and Melatos, A. and Mendell, G. and Mercer, R. A. and Merilh, E. L. and Meshkov, S. and Messenger, C. and Messick, C. and Meyers, P. M. and Miao, H. and Middleton, H. and Mikhailov, E. 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