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Turner, Karen and Lappin, Mark (2017) Natural Gas in UK and Scottish Energy Policy. [Report]

Imrie, Colin (2017) Brexit, Powers and the Scottish Parliament : The Case of Agriculture and Fisheries. [Report]

McCoy, Amanda and Lissenden, Natalie and Morton, Alec and Worrall, Eve (2017) Towards An Economics Policy Framework to Combat Malaria, in An Era of Insecticide Resistance. [Report]

Peat, Jeremy and Kelly, Owen and Broby, Daniel (2017) Fintech : Hype or Reality? [Report]

Wilson, Brian (2017) How Not to Run An Energy Policy : The Lessons from Three Decades. [Report]

Figus, Gioele and Lecca, Patrizio and Turner, Karen and McGregor, Peter (2017) Energy Efficiency as an Instrument of Regional Development Policy? Trading-off the Benefits of an Economic Stimulus and Energy Rebound Effects. Discussion paper. University of Strathclyde.

Imrie, Colin (2017) Economic and Monetary Union : Implications for Scotland. [Report]

Allan, Grant and Turner, Karen (2017) To What Extent Will Industrial Energy Efficiency Reduce Energy Use across the Economy? [Report]

Katris, Antonios and Turner, Karen (2017) Just How Much Carbon Do We Save When We Increase Our Energy Efficiency? [Report]

Imrie, Colin (2017) Freedom of Movement : Why It Is Central to Scotland's Interests in the Brexit Negotiations. [Report]

Turner, Karen and Katris, Antonios (2017) A 'Carbon Saving Multiplier' as an alternative to rebound in considering reduced energy supply chain requirements from energy efficiency? Energy Policy, 103. pp. 249-257. ISSN 0301-4215

Turner, Karen and Figus, Gioele and Riddoch, Fiona (2017) So Which Households Can Benefit from Energy Efficiency and is there an Argument to Fund from the Public Purse? Research Briefing 04. [Report]

Alabi, O. and Turner, K. (2017) Employment [Chapter 6]. In: The Economic Impact of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the UK. H2FC SUPERGEN, London, pp. 79-97.

Alabi, O. and Turner, K. (2017) Introduction to macroscale scenario switching – from refined fuels to hydrogen in personal transport [Chapter 3]. In: The Economic Impact of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the UK. H2FC SUPERGEN, London, pp. 28-42.

Alabi, O. and Turner, K. (2017) Modelling the impact over time - consumer transport [Chapter 9]. In: The Economic Impact of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell in the UK. H2FC SUPERGEN, London, pp. 121-131.

Alabi, O. and Turner, K. and Smith, M. J. (2017) Supply chain [Chapter 4]. In: The Economic Impact of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the UK. H2FC SUPERGEN, London, pp. 43-69.

Figus, Gioele and Turner, Karen and McGregor, Peter and Katris, Antonios (2016) Making the case for supporting broad energy efficiency programmes : impacts on household incomes and other economic benefits. Discussion paper. University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Riddoch, Fiona and Turner, Karen and Figus, Gioele (2016) So What If There Were a Larger and More Sustained Energy Efficiency Effort across the Economy, What Would be the Impact? Research Briefing 03. [Report]

Hannon, Matthew (2016) Mission Impossible? Five Challenges Facing 'Mission Innovation', the Global Clean Energy Innovation Drive. [Report]

Moore, Michael (2016) Uncertainty is the New Certainty : Charting Scotland's Course in an Age of Disruption. [Report]

Peat, Jeremy (2016) After Payday Lending : Accessible and Affordable Credit. [Report]

Peat, Jeremy and Kelly, Owen (2016) BREXIT and the Scottish Financial Services Sector. [Report]

Abdulkadir, Jann and Azzudin, Amal and Buick, Alan and Curtice, Lisa and Dzingisai, Mhurai and Easton, Duncan and Frew, Claire and Glinski, Jenn and Holliday, Derek and Knifton, Lee and McLaughlin, Douglas and Quinn, Neil and Ramsay, David (2016) What do you mean, I have a right to health? Participatory action research on health and human rights. [Report]

Shipton, Zoe and Turner, Karen (2016) Seven Questions about Fracking in Scotland. [Report]

Turner, Karen and Riddoch, Fiona and Figus, Gioele (2016) How Improving Household Efficiency Could Boost the Scottish Economy. [Report]

Marchant, Ian (2016) Elephants in Energy : 5 Things to Consider in Energy Policy. [Report]

Peat, Jeremy and Grice, Paul and Gardner, Caroline and Johnson, Paul and Roy, Graeme and Perman, Ray (2016) Minding Scotland’s Money : Economic Governance for an Increasingly Devolved Scotland. [Report]

Wilson, David (2016) One Week on after the EU Referendum. [Report]

Wilson, David (2016) The Challenge of Inclusive Growth for the Scottish Economy. [Report]

Peat, Jeremy (2016) Some Views on the Economics of Brexit. [Report]

Figus, Gioele and Turner, Karen and Lecca, Patrizio and McGregor, Peter and Swales, Kim (2016) Increasing Energy Efficiency in Scottish Households : Trading-off Economic Benefits and Energy Rebound Effects? [Report]

Rivers, Ian and Donnelly, Brian and McMillan, Fergus and Lough Dennell, Brandi Lee (2016) Tackling Bullying in Scotland's Schools : a View from the Sidelines. [Report]

Ryan, Lisa and Turner, Karen and Figus, Gioele and Campbell, Nina and Lecca, Patrizio and McGregor, Peter and Swales, Kim (2016) Can We Retain the Economy-Wide Benefits of Energy Efficiency While Reducing the Energy Rebound? [Report]

Clark, Greg (2016) Cities, Global Cities and Glasgow - Some Reflections. [Report]

Coelho, Miguel Castro and Dellepiane, Sebastian (2016) Power, Transport, Aviation and Water : the Political Economy of Infrastructure in the UK. [Report]

Peat, Jeremy (2016) 'Hollowing out' of the Scottish Labour Market, Productivity, Social Mobility and Inclusive Growth. [Report]

Turner, Karen and Swales, Kim and Koesler, Simon (2016) International spillover and rebound effects from increased energy efficiency in Germany. Energy Economics, 54. 444–452. ISSN 0140-9883

Young, Alf (2016) 40 Turbulent Years : How the Fraser Economic Commentary Recorded the Evolution of the Modern Scottish Economy. [Report]

Turner, Karen and Katris, Antonios (2016) Multiplier Analysis of Re-spending Rebound Effects : Research Briefing 02. [Report]

Alabi, Oluwafisayo and Munday, Max and Swales, Kim and Turner, Karen (2016) Physical water use and water sector activity in environmental input-output analysis. Discussion paper. University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Turner, Karen and Katris, Antonios (2015) Indirect Rebound Involving Embodied Energy Use Re-spending Decisions : How Do We Treat Negative Multiplier Effects in Energy Supply Chains? [Report]

Lecca, Patrizio and McGregor, Peter and Swales, Kim (2015) Scotland - No Detriment, No Danger : the Inter-Regional Impact of a Balanced Budget Regional Fiscal Expansion. [Report]

Peat, Jeremy (2015) Britain's Disappointing Productivity Performance : Causes and Potential Solutions. [Report]

Peat, Jeremy (2015) The Scottish Fiscal Commission : Some Key Issues. [Report]

Peat, Jeremy (2015) Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) : Inquiry into the UK Banking Sector. [Report]

Curtice, John (2015) Scotland 'One Year On' : the Legacy of the Independence Referendum. [Report]

Ellis, Susan and Sosu, Edward (2015) Closing Poverty-Related Attainment Gaps in Scotland's Schools : What Works? [Report]

Kennedy, Lisa Ann and Priestley, Andrea (2015) The Health of Looked after Children and Young People : a Summary of the Literature. [Report]

Ashcroft, Brian (2015) Post-election economic challenges : Scotland and the UK. In: Post-Election Economic Challenges: Scotland and the UK, 2015-07-01 - 2015-07-01, Fraser of Allander Institute and International Public Policy Institute, University of Strathclyde.

Studlar, Donley and Cairney, Paul (2015) Obesity Prevention Policy : from Harm Regulation towards a Neo-Prohibitionist Regime? [Report]

Turner, Karen and McGregor, Peter and Young, Alf (2015) Security of Supply : Scotland's Energy Needs in a Changing UK Electricity Market. [Report]

Turner, Karen (2015) Energy Saving Innovations and Economy Wide Rebound Effects : Research Briefing 01. [Report]

Figus, Gioele and Turner, Karen and Lecca, Patrizio and McGregor, Peter and Swales, Kim (2015) Increased Household Energy Efficiency : Can it Boost the UK Economy? [Report]

Cui, Cathy Xin and Hanley, Nick and McGregor, Peter and Swales, Kim and Turner, Karen and Yin, Ya Ping (2015) Impacts of Regional Productivity Growth, Decoupling and Pollution Leakage. [Report]

Koesler, Simon and Swales, Kim and Turner, Karen (2015) International Spillover and Rebound Effects from Increased Energy Efficiency in Germany. [Report]

Meer, Nasar (2015) Race Equality in Scotland : Challenges and Opportunities. [Report]

Morton, Alec and Arulselvan, Ashwin (2015) Maximising the Benefits of Foreign Aid : Leveraging In-Country Financing. [Report]

Black, George (2015) Health and Social Care Integration : Managing the Change. [Report]

Curtice, John (2015) How Scotland Voted : Economic Perceptions in the Scottish Independence Referendum. [Report]

Drakopoulou Dodd, Sarah (2015) Disabled Entrepreneurs : Rewarding Work, Challenging Barriers, Building Support. [Report]

Ellis, Susan (2015) Improving Literacy in Scotland : Four Policy Proposals. [Report]

Kennedy, Aileen (2015) Educating Our Teachers : A Straightforward and Uncontroversial Task? [Report]

McHarg, Aileen (2015) Devolution of the Crown Estate and Energy Policy in Scotland. [Report]

Moscardini, Lio (2015) Music for All : Musical Instrument Instruction and Equity in Scotland’s Schools. [Report]

Peat, Jeremy (2015) The Scottish Financial Sector : Performance and Prospects. [Report]

Shephard, Mark (2015) Improving Online Political Engagement for Effective Public Engagement. [Report]

Sime, Daniela (2015) The Health of EU Migrant Children in the UK. [Report]

Trebeck, Katherine (2015) How Work Can Damage Your Health : The Case for 'Decent' Work. [Report]

Allan, Grant and McGregor, Peter and Swales, Kim (2014) Scotland’s Green Jobs Conundrum : How to Better Measure the Employment Impact of a Low Carbon Future. [Report]

Lecca, Patrizio and McGregor, Peter G and Swales, Kim (2014) Scottish Fiscal Choices Post-Referendum : Powers, Purpose and Potential Impact. [Report]

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