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Patterning and integration of polyfluorene polymers on micro-pixellated uV alInGaN light-emitting diodes

Guilhabert, B.J.E. and Gong, Z. and Belton, C. and Mackintosh, A.R. and Gu, E. and Stavrinou, P.N. and Bradley, D.D.C. and Pethrick, R.A. and Dawson, M.D. (2008) Patterning and integration of polyfluorene polymers on micro-pixellated uV alInGaN light-emitting diodes. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 41 (094008). ISSN 0022-3727

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We report the integration of micro-patterned polyfluorene conjugated polymers onto GaN-based ultraviolet (UV) micro-pixellated light-emitting diode arrays (micro-LEDs). The 64 × 64 element matrix-addressable AlInGaN devices have a pixel size of 20 µm diameter on a 50 µm pitch, emitting at 368 nm. Each array is covered with a 2.5 µm thick photo-curable deep-UV-transparent polymer and a 30 nm thick polyfluorene film. This polymer bi-layer is subsequently patterned into an array of 28 µm diameter discs aligned with the pixels of the micro-LED array. Polymer down-converted visible emission from these pattern-programmable organic/inorganic electroluminescent micro-arrays is achieved.