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Electron-muon ranger : performance in the MICE muon beam

Adams, D. and Alekou, A. and Apollonio, M. and Asfandiyarov, R. and Barber, G. and Barclay, P. and De Bari, A. and Bayes, R. and Bayliss, V. and Bene, P. and Bertoni, R. and Blackmore, V. J. and Blondel, A. and Blot, S. and Bogomilov, M. and Bonesini, M. and Booth, C. N. and Bowring, D. and Boyd, S. and Bradshaw, T. W. and Bravar, U. and Bross, A. D. and Cadoux, F. and Capponi, M. and Carlisle, T. and Cecchet, G. and Charnley, C. and Chignoli, F. and Cline, D. and Cobb, J. H. and Colling, G. and Collomb, N. and Coney, L. and Cooke, P. and Courthold, M. and Cremaldi, L. M. and Debieux, S. and Dick, A. and Demello, A. and Dobbs, A. and Dornan, P. and Drielsma, F. and Filthaut, F. and Fitzpatrick, T. and Franchini, P. and Francis, V. and Fry, L. and Gallagher, A. and Gamet, R. and Gardener, R. and Gourlay, S. and Grant, A. and Graulich, J. S. and Greis, J. and Griffiths, S. and Hanlet, P. and Hansen, O. M. and Hanson, G. G. and Hart, T. L. and Hartnett, T. and Hayler, T. and Heidt, C. and Hills, M. and Hodgson, P. and Hunt, C. and Husi, C. and Iaciofano, A. and Ishimoto, S. and Kafka, G. and Kaplan, D. M. and Karadzhov, Y. and Kim, Y. K. and Kuno, Y. and Kyberd, P. and Lagrange, J. B. and Langlands, J. and Lau, W. and Leonova, M. and Lintern, A. and Littlefield, M. and Long, K. and Luo, T. and Macwaters, C. and Martlew, B. and Martyniak, J. and Masciocchi, F. and Mazza, R. and Middleton, S. and Moretti, A. and Moss, A. and Muir, A. and Mullacrane, I. and Nebrensky, J. J. and Neuffer, D. and Nichols, A. and Nicholson, R. and Nicola, L. and Messomo, E. Noah and Nugent, J. C. and Oates, A. and Onel, Y. and Orestano, D. and Overton, E. and Owens, P. and Palladino, V. and Pasternak, J. and Pastore, F. and Pidcott, C. and Popovic, M. and Preece, R. and Prestemon, S. and Rajaram, D. and Ramberger, S. and Rayner, M. A. and Ricciardi, S. and Roberts, T. J. and Robinson, M. and Rogers, C. and Ronald, K. and Rothenfusser, K. and Rubinov, P. and Rucinski, P. and Sakamato, H. and Sanders, D. A. and Sandström, R. and Santos, E. and Savidge, T. and Smith, P. J. and Snopok, P. and Soler, F. J P and Speirs, D. and Stanley, T. and Stokes, G. and Summers, D. J. and Tarrant, J. and Taylor, I. and Tortora, L. and Torun, Y. and Tsenov, R. and Tunnell, C. D. and Uchida, M. A. and Vankova-Kirilova, G. and Virostek, S. and Vretenar, M. and Warburton, P. and Watson, S. and White, C. and Whyte, C. G. and Wilson, A. and Wisting, H. and Yang, X. and Young, A. and Zisman, M. (2015) Electron-muon ranger : performance in the MICE muon beam. Journal of Instrumentation, 10 (12). ISSN 1748-0221

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The Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (MICE) will perform a detailed study of ionization cooling to evaluate the feasibility of the technique. To carry out this program, MICE requires an efficient particle-identification (PID) system to identify muons. The Electron-Muon Ranger (EMR) is a fully-active tracking-calorimeter that forms part of the PID system and tags muons that traverse the cooling channel without decaying. The detector is capable of identifying electrons with an efficiency of 98.6%, providing a purity for the MICE beam that exceeds 99.8%. The EMR also proved to be a powerful tool for the reconstruction of muon momenta in the range 100-280 MeV/c.